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We understand that when a marriage breaks down, dealing with the separation process can be difficult

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Filing for a Divorce in Jamaica W.I.? Did you know that apart from dealing with the emotional effects from the breakdown of your marriage, that there may also be issues surrounding the division of your financial assets and the children produced by the union? We are a specialist and international family law practice, advising clients that got married in Jamaica West Indies. We have a very people–orientated approach to working with all of our clients, and our team has a wide range of skills and legal expertise. Contact or Kingston office and an attorney in Jamaica will answer your questions.

Our team of attorneys have many years’ of experience, providing legal advice to families on all issues involving separation, child custody. Our reputation within the Jamaican market is second to none.

Clients praise our divorce lawyers in Jamaicafor being with them every step of the way. We will deal with your situation with sensitivity and discretion, providing the highest standards of professional representation. Using our extensive skills and knowledge, we can help you to get your life back on track. Speak with one of our divorce attorneys in Jamaica.

Our divorce lawyers in jamaica have assisted international and local clients in Half Way Tree, Portmore, Spanish Town, Yallahs, Bog Walk, Linstead, Annotto Bay, Old Harbour, Guys Hill, Ewarton

Supreme Court

File the Petition

After our divorce attorney files the petition in the Jamaican courts, it will take some time before it is brought back to us for service on the respondent. This process is delayed because of the inclusion of a step that demands the court’s registrar to access the documentation before signing and stamping. However, this step is not a requirement by the Matrimonial Proceedings Rules.

Even when the document is error-free, it may not take less than one month to get signed. If errors are spotted, it might take longer since the document might have to be refiled.

Apply for Decree Nisi

Suppose the respondent doesn’t dispute the request within 14 days after being served with the petition. In that case, the petitioner can table an application to acquire the first order regarding annulment, also known as the decree nisi.

The application is then submitted to the jury for consideration without any form of hearing. Though this process seems straightforward, the application can take at least six months before it is presented to a jury, further delaying the process. Need more info? Get in touch with us to contact a divorce lawyer.

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Jamaican Divorce Laws

Going through a legal separation is a stressful and challenging time for anyone which can physically and mentally affect the husband, wife, and children. It’s best to think of this as an event, that will influence your life.

Child Maintenance

Need information on child maintenance in Jamaica? Usually when there is a break down of the nuptials and there are children involved then the husband or wife is likely to be the one that they will live with, and the other will have contact with them.

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How long have you been married?

Generally, you should have been married for at least 2 years before you can petition the Jamaican court for a dissolution of marriage. Under special circumstances that you should be able to justify, you may apply to the Jamaican court for permission to file for a Decree Absolute before the 2 years has elapsed.

How long have you been separated?

You must be separated for at last 1 year from your husband or wife before you can apply for divorce in Jamaica W.I. That 1 year period of separation could have occurred within the first year of wedlock, and a couple can also be considered while living under the same roof.

Every case is different and you may not necessarily have to show up for the court hearing. Connect with a Jamaica divorce lawyer at our office via email or phone or our chat bot and we’ll get back to you, usually within 30 minutes, during business hours

Have you attempted reconciliation & counselling?

It is advisable to explore the options of counselling and attempts for reconciliation before filing the petition as the court is entitled to ask you these questions.

Did the union produce any children?

This will be one of the first questions that our attorneys will ask you. If you have children who are under 18 or 21 years of age, and they are attending a tertiary institution, then the Jamaican court will only grant the Dissolution of Marriage if the judge is completely satisfied that adequate arrangements have been put in place for their care. Questions will arise regarding the school arrangements & maintenance, living accommodations of the children when this assessment is being made.

Every case is different and you may not necessarily have to show up for the court hearing. A divorce lawyer in Jamaica will contact you within 30 minutes (during business hours) when you complete our form.

Are you entitled to file your petition in the Jamaican court?

Petitions will only be entertained by the Supreme Court of Jamaica where either party is domiciled in Jamaica, a Jamaican national, or ordinarily residing in Jamaica for at least 1 year immediately preceding the presentation of the application.

What is the reason for your separation?

You no longer need to prove to the Supreme Court of Jamaica that your spouse caused the breakdown of the marital relationship through cruelty, desertion, infidelity, etc. However, you must satisfy the Jamaican court that the marriage has broken down beyond repair and that there is no possibility that cohabitation will resume. You will be required to briefly state the reason for ending the union to establish these facts.

Do you have an original Marriage Certificate?

Your divorce lawyer will need the original marriage certificate that will be presented to the judiciary when the application is made for the Decree Nisi. If this is misplaced then you will have to apply for a certified legal copy.

The Supreme Court of Jamaica has unlimited original jurisdiction in civil and criminal cases in Jamaica.

In Jamaica West Indies, adjudication involving the dissolution of marriages s is based on Matrimonial Cause Act. Basically, the termination of a valid union is a legal process that can only be done by a court of law. The Jamaica Supreme Court is the only judicial body that hears and decides on these types of proceedings as there is no other magistrate of competent jurisdiction.

Pursuant to section (5) of the Matrimonial Causes Act, the couples involved must prove that nothing more can be done to salvage their marriage. However, suppose the parties fail to demonstrate that this is unsalvageable? In that case, the judiciary can dismiss the submission leaving the couple with the prospect of resuming with their marital relationship. Suppose any of the two feels that there is no likelihood of reconciliation? In that case, they can submit a formal application to acquire a decree for the marriage termination. In this case, the applicant is the person who files the documents while the respondent is the other spouse.

The legal process of filing for divorce are dealt with in the Supreme Court of Judicature which is the only court of competent jurisdiction in Jamaica.  Distribution Of Property also known as Equitable Distribution is the division, due to a dissolution of a marriage, of property which was acquired during the course of the matrimony. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Jamaica Divorce

How much does a divorce cost in Jamaica?

The average cost for starts from $80,000. The cost will be influenced by the complexity of your case , your lawyer and the residing country of you and/or your spouse. getting the Decree Absolute has been known to take a minimum 9 months in Jamaica.

How can I get a Speedy Divorce in Jamaica?

There is no such thing as a Speedy Divorce in Jamaica. The entire process can take a minimum of 9 months. #1 – File the Petition. Once filed, the petition will take a few weeks before it’s returned to the attorney for service on the respondent. #2 – Decree Nisi Application #3 – Decree Absolute Application.

I got married in Jamaica how do I get divorced?

Before any of the parties can apply, they must be married for a minimum of 2 years and must have lived separate & apart for a minimum of 1 year* before application can be made. A certified copy of the Marital Certificate will be required.
Is it better to get a lawyer for divorce?

If you and your spouse can come to an agreement on all terms, then filing for an uncontested
divorce without the help of a lawyer will be possible. Nevertheless it is always advisable to have an attorney
look through your agreement just to ensure that your interests and rights are protected. Your search for Speedy Divorce Lawyers Jamaica is now over. Contact our attorney in Jamaica by using email or using our chat bot.

*There are exceptions to this.

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Our firm is located in Kingston is dedicated to helping those going through a divorce get the best legal advice and representation possible with our competent attorneys. Our experienced team of lawyers has over 15 years of avg experience in divorce law and family law matters and is trusted by many Jamaican families when it comes to divorce. 

Our Law Practice provides a full overview of the divorce process in Jamaica, as well as all the details, so that both spouses fully understand their rights and are properly informed of their options. We aim to take a compassionate approach to legal matters and ensure that all proceedings are conducted efficiently and with respect.

At Divorce Attorneys Jamaica, our main practice areas are divorce law, family law, spousal support, contempt of court proceedings, division of assets and debts, child custody and parenting plans, among others. We make sure to focus on every detail of the divorce procedure and help our clients come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Our attorneys are also knowledgeable of the laws of Jamaica and will provide legal counsel and advice each step of the way. 

If you’re going through a divorce, our divorce attorneys are ready to assist you. Our experienced lawyers will help you navigate the legal process and come to a resolution that is best for all involved. We have help[ed clients from Kingston, Ocho Rios, Mandeville and other countries in the world. Contact us to speak with one of our professionals and get started on the path to a smoother divorce.

Family lawyers in Kingston Jamaica​

Did you know that family attorneys in Kingston Jamaica have a long history of providing legal services to individuals and families in need of assistance?  Legal services that these lawyers offer range from drafting basic wills to resolving complex divorce and custody issues. There are some lawyers in Jamaica whoprovide free consultations to low-income families and individuals in desperate need of legal help. Our Jamaica lawyers are here to assist, so reach out to our firm for more info.

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Divorce lawyers in Mandeville, Jamaica provide a much needed legal service to those seeking to dissolve a marriage. Divorce is never an easy situation and having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side to guide you can make all the difference. Our office is located in Kingston but we are able to file for your divorce even if you are in Mandeville. Contact our attorneys today.

Jamaica Divorce Application Forms

Here on you will find in this section all of the forms necessary to start the divorce process in Jamaica. Here you can download the relevant application forms to begin the divorce process; this document provides essential information needed to file all required papers.

We understand the importance of filing paperwork accurately and in a timely manner, which is why we strive to provide high-quality forms for free download onto your computer or printing for submission.

Our knowledgeable professionals are on hand to answer any of the queries that may arise during the process of purchasing property. These comprehensive forms cover everything required to begin the divorce process in Jamaica.


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