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3 Options for filing for divorce

So you have made the decision to file for a divorce in Jamaica. The next step is that you  need to determine how to get a divorce. You will also have to decide how will you make all these important decisions with your spouse when they may be hard to talk to, or it may even be difficult for you to talk to them? 3 Options Here are three options that you can consider during the divorce process. If you and your spouse are in agreement, you can choose the way that best fits your situation. If you are not in agreement, then one of you must file a petition for divorce (Decree Nisi). You will probably each hire divorce solicitors in Jamaica to represent you.

1. Filing the petition yourself

If there are no children in the marriage, substantial assets or debts, and you won’t be discussing spousal support, then you may consider the option of self-filing. You and your spouse would complete, sign, and file the forms to Co-Petition for Dissolution. 

Nevertheless we will always advise you to seek counsel from a Family Law Attorney as there may be circumstances that you may not be aware of, until its too late.

2. Divorce Mediation Jamaica

A divorce mediator works with both of you to guide you through understanding, negotiating, and making decisions for all issues related to divorce. The mediator writes a detailed agreement which is then filed with the Supreme Court of Jamaica and becomes your legal divorce settlement agreement. You may experience many benefits of mediation, including lower cost, time, and less conflict. Mediation does not require you to be on good terms with your spouse. Mediators have many problem-solving and conflict resolution tools at their disposal to keep you productively moving towards a final settlement. Mediation is not appropriate in situations that contain domestic violence, or in which either of the parties does not have the mental capacity to make conscious decisions.

3. Divorce Litigation

In the traditional litigated approach, you would hire a divorce lawyer to file a Petition for Dissolution against your spouse. Once they are “served” with the legal notice, your spouse’s lawyer will then file a counter-petition which responds to and contests the divorce. From this point forward, your attorneys negotiate with each other. Each divorce lawyer advocates for their clients best outcome while discouraging any direct communication between the spouses.

Your attorneys will usually pressure each of you to compromise on certain issues as the trial date gets closer. Cases that do not settle ahead of time are “tried” by a family court judge (not a jury) at the Supreme Court of Jamaica. During the trial, each attorney presents the case to the judge through the testimony of witnesses (including the spouses) and supporting documents (if necessary). The most conflicted divorce litigation involves conflict around child custody.

All Ways are Not Equal

You may recognize significant differences in these 3 options that we have written about. The options presented are on a continuum regarding several factors. Beginning with number one, as you move down the list you will experience greater cost, conflict, and time in the process. You will also experience less options, control, and input over the outcome of your case.

Speedy Divorce in Jamaica

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a Speedy Divorce in Jamaica. Be careful of lawyers who promise that they can get you divorced in 3 months.

In our next article we offer tips about purchasing a house after the dissolution of marriage has been granted by the court.

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