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<strong>Divorce Attorneys Jamaica</strong> is a highly successful Family Law Firm located in the heart of Kingston Jamaica. We specialize in Family Law and have an outstanding success record for our clients

Divorce Attorneys Jamaica was created with a simple goal in mind:

  1. Creating and arguing Jamaican Divorce Law in favour of our clients and not the other way around.
  2. Paying attention to our clients and not just the Jamaican law governing divorce

Our team of attorneys are highly talented and passionate about taking our clients through the challenging legal journey of divorce with valuable and effective legal protection. 

Our attorneys relate to all of our clients on a personal level and do not treat them as mere numbers. In our morning meetings our lawyers talk about every client’s case and we ensure that our clients are kept up-to-date through every step of the litigation.

We focus on quality and don’t believe in quantity when we deal with our client’s cases due to the fact that each dissolution of marriage case is unique and deserves its own nurturing, attention and time.

We don’t cut corners and ensure an absolute perfect representation of all of our client’s rights in the Supreme Court of Jamaica. We always aim to encourage reasonable settlements but we are also known to be one of the most aggressive lawyers in family law when it is necessary.

This next statement may come as a shock but our team of divorce solicitors do not always believe in our clients choosing us. Divorce Attorneys Jamaica believe in clients choosing the right lawyer for their case. If we are lucky enough to meet you one day, we would love to show you how we would strategize your case, ensure you are effectively represented in the Jamaican Courts, and how we would obtain the best results possible for you.

Our success rate speak for themselves and we are eager to help you through your divorce journey.

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